Kristen Stewart Is Writing a ‘Stoner Girl Comedy’ With Her Fiancée, and It’s ‘Really F—ing Stupid’

Kristen Stewart announced in a chat with “The Idol” star Rachel Sennott for Interview Magazine that she is currently writing a screenplay for a “stoner girl comedy” with her fiancée, Dylan Meyer. The project marks the second Stewart-scripted movie that the Oscar winner has announced following her feature directorial debut “The Chronicles of Water,” which remains in development.

Stewart and Sennott were discussing the creative rewards of working with loved ones on projects. Sennott’s next theatrical release is the high school comedy “Bottoms,” which reunites her with her “Shiva Baby” breakout director Emma Seligman.

“You guys are best friends,” Stewart told Sennott. “God, that’s so aspirational. It takes a long time to get to that point. You’re so lucky to be doing it young.”

“It’s so fun,” Sennott said. “We got rained out for two weeks, and we’re like, ‘Fuck. We’re not going to get the last scene.’ And then you’re like, ‘I’m glad I’m having this panic attack with you.’

“Yeah. Design the shit out of your process. That’s the only way to enjoy it,” Stewart added. “Me and Dylan are writing a movie. It’s a stoner girl comedy, and it’s really fucking stupid. I think you’ll like it. But the reason I even thought of this is because our producer is our best friend. We’re starting a company. I’ve worked with so many people that I didn’t know and that I didn’t like for so long. It was definitely valuable, but also, fuck that.”

Stewart did not provide any further details on her stoner girl comedy. News broke last fall that Stewart had cast Imogen Poots in the lead role of her long-gestating feature directorial debut “The Chronicles of Water,” based on the memoir by Lidia Yuknavitch. Stewart co-wrote the script for the movie with Andy Mingo. Poots will play a young woman who finds her voice through writing and swimming.

Last year during an conversation with Nicole Kidman as part of Variety’s, Stewart said the writing on the movie is “so physical and so fiercely, ragingly female.” She had previously told press that her goal in scripting “The Chronicles of Water” was to wrote “the best fucking female role. I’m going to write a role that I want so badly but that I’m not going to play.”

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