L.A-Based Viva Kids Nabs Stake in Canary Islands 3Doubles Animation Studio 

Los Angeles-based Viva Kids has nabbed a stake in 3Doubles Producciones, a 2D/3D animation studio in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.

For now, Viva has acquired a minority interest with an option to acquire a majority stake after two years.

Founded by Darío Sánchez in 2017, the company currently employs more than a hundred at its headquarters in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Mercury Steam owner Ignacio Navas and Aliot Innovation founder José Ángel Olmo became partners at 3Doubles in 2020. 3Doubles’ slate of animated films includes “Inspector Sun and the Curse of the Black Widow,” “The Ogglies,” “Mia and Me: The Hero of Centopia,” “My Fairy Troublemaker” and “Daily Fables.”

Muscular island incentives and the annual presence of multiple animation events, such as  Animayo, that focuses on its didactic and recruiting components, has helped boost the animation industry in the Canary Islands, with some 25 companies sprouting up in recent years.

Mexico’s Anima Studios runs an outpost at the Canary Islands where its employees there now outnumber that of its Mexican headquarters.

“This new acquisition allows Viva the ability to produce animated films in house whilst exposing 3Doubles to a wider set of customers,” said Viva president, Victor Elizalde. “This natural next step in continuing to produce and distribute animated content globally is a true win-win scenario for both companies.”

Laura Prieto, Viva’s SVP of Operations, will join 3Doubles as a board member and acting secretary, while Sánchez and Navas remain as CEO and president, respectively, of 3Doubles.

“We are very proud and satisfied with the agreement reached with Viva Kids,” said Sánchez, adding: “This agreement represents an important boost for our company and it will allow us to strengthen our technological capabilities and continue to develop high-quality and entertaining projects.”

Viva releases “Inspector Sun and the Curse of the Black Widow” in U.S. theaters on Oct. 13. Described as a take on Agatha Christie classic “Murder on the Orient Express,” the animated adventure takes place in the 1930s – when travel was still glamorous – on a seaplane en route from Shanghai to San Francisco. The animated feature was directed by Julio Soto Gúrpide (“Deep”)from a screenplay by Rocco Pucillo, winner of the 2013 Samuel Goldwyn Writing Award for the script.

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