Media Talent Networking App Husslup Partners With Hire Survivors Hollywood to Create Opportunities for Sexual Violence Survivors (EXCLUSIVE)

Creative talent discovery network, Husslup, and the organization Hire Survivors Hollywood are entering into a groundbreaking partnership to create more opportunities for survivors of sexual violence across the entertainment industry.

The partnership will connect sexual violence survivors directly with studios and production companies in Hollywood.

Husslup is an invite-only mobile app and website for creative talent discovery in television and film. Founded by H Schuster, the company’s mission is to democratize and diversify access to the entertainment industry by connecting creatives from around the world to each other and to companies.

Hire Survivors Hollywood is a survivor-founded, survivor-run and survivor-focused organization. Founded by actor Sarah Ann Masse, who came forward with sexual misconduct allegations against Harvey Weinstein in 2017, the organization works to end retaliation against survivors of sexual violence in the entertainment business by encouraging those in positions of power to pledge to hire survivors and Silence Breakers both in front of and behind the camera.

Husslup is the first company to formally partner with Hire Survivors Hollywood.

Through the partnership, the networking app and site will add a “survivor of sexual violence” designation to its list of optional demographic boxes for members of Hire Survivors Hollywood to check when creating their Husslup profiles. The company has also created a Hire Survivors Hollywood Community that will allow writers, producers, directors and other creative talent to present themselves the way they’d like to be seen in the industry.

“This partnership will help to usher in a sea change to our industry, one in which folks begin recognizing survivors of sexual violence as the protected class they actually are and aid us in our efforts to create more opportunities, access, inclusion and representation,” Masse said in a statement.

H Schuster, CEO and founder of Husslup said, “Our mission is to make creative talent discovery in entertainment more democratic and diverse. Victims of sexual violence deserve increased DEI recognition and we are excited to make that happen with this partnership. And by providing an avenue for every qualified creative professional to enter our expanding data base, we can better assist our content partners to rapidly staff up once the strikes end and get the production pipeline moving again.”

Husslup has roughly 6,000 creatives signed up, 65% of which identify themselves as diverse. The company works with over 50 studios, production companies and other professional organizations to help staff roles across the biz, including NBCUniversal, Telemundo, Blumhouse Productions, the Russo brothers’ AGBO Films, Tyra Banks’ Bankable Productions, Don Cheadle’s This Radicle Act, World of Wonder and more.

Husslup has previously partnered with DEI-focused organizations including Women In Film, Outfest and the National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP).

(Pictured: H Schuster, founder and CEO of Husslup, and Sarah Ann Masse, founder of Hire Survivors Hollywood.)

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