From ‘Arcane’ Season 2 to a Lionel Messi Series and Original Production ‘Mariposas Negras,’ Titles Being Animated in the Canary Islands

16 animation productions involving Canary Islands companies either as service studios or production houses. (The Canary island company is featured in brackets)  

“200% Wolf,” (3Doubles Producciones)

A 3D animated feature and sequel to “100% Wolf” about Freddy Lupin, the dancing wolf, a teenage heir to a family of wolf hunters. Following a transformation into a dog by an evil sorcerer, Freddy embarks on a quest to reclaim his wolf form. The film sees the return of writer Fin Edquist. The film will be distributed across Australia by Studiocanal, while Studio 100 Film is managing international sales.. The production is currently in the animation phase, with the first lighting shots complete. Produced by Flying Bark Productions.

“Arcane,” (Fortiche España)

An inspirational milestone Netflix series from Fortiche, the first streaming series to win an Animated Emmy, meshing the beauty and texture of hand-painted 2D and the explosive mobility and character design of 3D – and they are really combined, that’s not 2D-looking CGI. Its 2022 Annie Award sweep was, as Cartoon Brew noted at the time, a wake up call for Hollywood. Season 2 is now in production, part animated out of Fortiche España in the Canary Islands.

“Bumpy the Bear,” (Koyi Talent)

From Koyi, a CGI/2D animation studio and production company, part of Zinkia Entertainment Group, founded in Las Palmas de  Gran Canaria in 2019 and a co-producer on “Pocoyo” Season 4. A 2D preschool show, co-produced by Spanish public broadcaster TVE, its 57-episode series turning on “learning and creativity,” featuring the adventurous, creative Bumpy, a seven-year-old bear who’s eager to learn. 

“Cuquin,” (Anima Kitchent)

Developed by Cartoon Network and the Gran Canaria-based Anima Kitchent, famed for “Cleo & Cuquin,” which sold worldwide. A 20-episode 3D pre-school series now in post, “Cuquin” turns on the fun adventures and made-up games of friends Cuquin, Clementina and Cyan. Rodrigo Pineda directs; Lisa Akhurst and Marc Seal write.

“GhostBros,” (Koyi Talent)

Set for development at Koyi, a 2D show targeting 6-11s co-produced by Argentina’s Yellow Kingdom and Spanish publish broadcaster TVE, following young orphan siblings Sigmund and Gretchel who will do everything they can to get adopted. A hit at Ventana Sur’s Animation! Presented in early development in 2020. 

“Ghosts of Ruin,” (B Water)

A high-profile anime-influenced animated series with Rosario Dawson and Tony Revolori attached as voice cast, backed by Battle Island, Gala Film and Hans Zimmer’s Bleeding Fingers Music and set for a major sneak peek unveil at Annecy on Wednesday. Operating in Tenerife since 2016 and one of the Canary Islands biggest multi pipeline studios, B Water is carrying out creative development and production with Oscar-nominated director Thierry Marchand, a longtime veteran at B Water. 

“Giants of La Mancha,” (3Doubles Producciones)

In this 3D animated movie take on “Don Quixote” from Gonzalo Gutiérrez, produced by 3Doubles, 11-year-old Alfonso, heir of Don Quixote, and his three musical rabbits join forces with Pancho and Victoria to save La Mancha from a storm caused by evil triplets. An adventure story that’s on the brink of completion, bringing the classic tale to a new generation.

“Increditales,” (Amuse Studios)

To be presented at Annecy, a CGI comedy edutainment series made up of 96 two-minute episodes, presenting favorite fairy tale characters in everyday circumstances to hilarious effect. These short sketches bring a fresh and modern twist to classic tales that the whole family can enjoy and relate to,” Amuse says..

“Lea & Pop,” (Anima Kitchent)

In development, produced by Anima Kitchent and Momko, a 57-part pre-school series on siblings Lea & Pop, with their band of magical musical toys. Sean Gabuat, also a co-creator of “Cuquín,” directs the series. 

“Letrabots,” (Mondo TV Studios)

Directed by Luca Fernicola, head written by Andrea Marchetti, and produced by Cicaboom and Mondo TV (“Meteoheroes”), with the Canary Islands’ Mondo TV Studios taking care of all the pre-production process. Based on the successful line of collectible robot toys Letrabots, distributed by Cicaboom, the show is set to be delivered by Q2 2024, says CEO Maria Bonaria Fois. The heroes of the series are robots, whose shape is based on letters. “They are driven by positive core values and their motto is: unity is strength!,” she adds.

“Magic With Lu & Poh,” (Glaboo Studios)

The first production from Glaboo Studios, a good humored 2D series for 3-6s, about Lu and best friend Poh, who has an autism spectrum disorder but helps her solve problems with her magic. A charming push for inclusivity aimed at tykes presented at MipJunior. Amit Sadhwani writes and directs.

Lionel Messi Animated Series Project, (Atlantis Animation)

One of the biggest IPs in the world and one of the biggest titles set up at a Canary Islands service studio, here Atlantis Animation. Produced by Sony Music’s Premium Content Division, in partnership with Leo Messi Management, a series which “will immerse viewers in the epic adventures of a young Messi overcoming titanic challenges as he navigates the vibrant world of video games” – a focus which opens up this take to multi-verse dynamics with Messi and his moral values at its heart. A new kind of bio. 

“Mariposas Negras,” (Tinglado)  

Produced by Ikiru, Tinglado and Anangu Grup and directed by David Baute, “Mariposas Negras” illustrates true accounts of three displaced women, a 2D project tackling climate exodus and the unwelcoming sentiments faced by those fleeing environmentally unstable regions. Co-produced by Tunche Films, the narrative’s fleshed out by art and animation directors María Pulido and Pepe Sánchez, to be completed in 2024.

“Momonsters,” (3Doubles Producciones)

In the 3D & 2D animation series “Momonsters,” written by Javier Martínez and Christian Garnez, five adorable monsters aim to be children’s best friends. Guided by a new child each day, they learn the world of human play, from soccer to cupcakes. Currently producing a TV movie, the series already enjoys two released seasons. It’s a colorful journey of friendship and fun designed for preschoolers.

“Pocoyo,” Season 5, (Koyi Talent)

Part of Zinkia Entertainment Group, Koyi is co-producing Season 5 of this iconic series, with completion scheduled for August 2023, Changes involve the design of all of the main characters, and addition of a new one: Pocoyina, Pocoyo’s little sister, Zinkia general director Víctor López has said.  

“SuperKlaus,” (3Doubles Producciones)

Directed by Steven Majaury and Andrea Sebastiá and brought to life by writer Phil Ivanusic-Vallée, the 3D animated movie ‘SuperKlaus’ is a tale of bravery, intelligence and strength, where Santa, struck on the head, believes he’s a hero SuperKlaus and chaos ensues. Currently in post-production, with Diego Navarro crafting the original score. Produced by Spain’s 3Doubles Producciones and Capitán Araña and Canada’s PVP Media. Pink Parrot Media is rolling out robust pre-sales.

Holly Jones contributed to this article.

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