Russos on Tarantino’s MCU Takedown: ‘I Don’t Know If Quentin Feels Like He Was Born to Make a Marvel Movie’

The Russo Brothers are calling out Quentin Tarantino’s comments on the MCU.

Joe and Anthony Russo responded to the Oscar winner’s numerous digs at the superhero franchise, telling The New Yorker that Tarantino’s “relationship to the source material” most likely affects his dislike of the manufactured process behind making Marvel movies.

“I don’t know if Quentin feels like he was born to make a Marvel movie,” Anthony Russo said, “which is maybe why he would feel like a hired hand doing it. It depends on your relationship to the source material.”

Joe Russo added, “What fulfills us the most is building a sense of community around our work.”

The “Jackie Brown” director said in November 2022 that he is against the “Marvel-ization of Hollywood,” namely when it comes to the ecosystem of studio stars.

“You have all these actors who have become famous playing these characters,” Tarantino explained. “But they’re not movie stars. Right? Captain America is the star. Or Thor is the star. I mean, I’m not the first person to say that. I think that’s been said a zillion times…but it’s like, you know, it’s these franchise characters that become a star.”

He clarified his feelings towards the MCU franchise: “I don’t love them. No, I don’t — I don’t hate them. All right. But I don’t love them. Right. I mean, look, I used to collect Marvel comics like crazy when I was a kid. There’s an aspect that if these movies were coming out when I was in my twenties, I would totally be fucking happy and totally love them. I mean, they wouldn’t be the only movies being made. They would be those movies amongst other movies. But, you know, I’m almost 60, so yeah. No, I’m not quite as excited about them.”

Tarantino concluded, “My only ax to grind against them is they’re the only things that seem to be made. And they’re the only things that seem to generate any kind of excitement amongst a fan base or even like for the studio making them. That’s what they’re excited about. And, you know, so it’s just the fact that they are the entire representation of this era of movies right now. There’s not really much room for anything else. That’s my problem.”

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