U.K. Writers to Support WGA Strike With Major London Protest

U.K. screenwriters are set to gather in London’s Leicester Square in support of the Writers Guild of America and its ongoing strike action.

The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain is inviting members to join a major June 14 protest for the U.S. writers strike, which has passed its first month.

The protest is part of the Global Day of Solidarity, which is organized by the International Affiliation of Writers Guilds and the Federation of Screenwriters in Europe, of which WGGB is a member. WGA members, as well as members of the Federation of Entertainment Unions, will be joining the protest, according to the WGGB.

The writers strike has had the support of many U.K.-based screenwriters — many of whom support strike action, even though they won’t see direct results themselves via the WGGB.

The guild — which does not require U.K. writers to join in order to work locally — officially instructed its members to stop working on projects within the WGA’s jurisdiction on May 2.

There was initial confusion over a gray area in strike solidarity rules regarding projects that were set up with the U.K. branches of “struck” companies like Disney or Netflix, but aren’t covered by WGA terms. However, the WGGB worked with the WGA to quickly clarify the parameters. (As it stands, “pre-existing” projects with struck companies can continue, but new work is being discouraged.)

Writers interested in taking part in the protest are asked to meet at the William Shakespeare statue in Leicester Square at 1 p.m. on June 14. Witty slogans are encouraged.

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