Reservoir Docs Boards ‘Michel Gondry: Do it Yourself,’ a Documentary about the Oscar-Winning French Writer-Director (EXCLUSIVE)

The colorful world of Michel Gondry, the Oscar-winning writer-director of “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” is the subject of an upcoming feature documentary represented worldwide by Reservoir Docs.

Directed by François Nemeta, “Michel Gondry: Do it Yourself” is an 80-minute documentary shedding light on Gondry’s “inventive and unusual creative process,” from his first video clips to the shooting of his latest movie “The Book of Solutions” which recently opened at Cannes’ Directors Fortnight.

“Michel Gondry: Do it Yourself” is produced by Olivier de Bannes at O2B Films, and Robin Acard at The Red Ceiling, and is co-produced by ARTE France.

“For the production of this documentary, we had the great opportunity to have Michel on board with us, as well as many of the international talents – musicians and actors – with whom he’s been working during his 30 years long lasting career,” said the producers. “It’s amazing to realize how many images from Michel are now part of the common memory ! Through Michel’s life, the film is also a strong call to creation… whatever one’s background,” the producers continued.

Anaïs Clanet, partner at Reservoir Docs, said the company was “attracted by the creation, fun and quality” of this project early on, and “couldn’t be happier to highlight Michel’s talent around the world.”

Clanet also pointed out the documentary coincides with the selection of “The Book of Solutions,” which will “will help buyers acquire both hopefully and have a real insight on Michel’s working process, a process really being one of a kind.”

“The Book of Solutions,” an off-beat existential comedy starring Pierre Niney and Blanche Gardin, marked Gondry’s first film in 8 years.

Reservoir Docs is handling “Michel Gondry, Do it Yourself” for all rights except theatrical. As such, the company will be repping premium VOD, as well as all streaming and broadcast rights, along with non-commercial, cultural and festival screenings.

“Due to the state of the theatrical market right now, we’d like to give this film a chance to be released in a very creative way. Premium VOD and TV are the main avenues and the real money-makers these days,” Clanet continued.

Along with movies such as “Eternel Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” “The Science of Sleep” and “The Book of Solutions,” Gondry has directed many iconic music videos for some of the biggest artists, from The White Stripes, The Chemical Brothers, Metronomy, Radiohead, The Rolling Stones, Bjork, Daft Punk and Paul McCartney.

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