‘Charlie Harper,’ Starring ‘Coda’s’ Emilia Jones, Delivers Strong International Sales

“Charlie Harper,” starring Emilia Jones from Oscar-winning film “Coda,” has been sold to multiple international territories.

The film will be directed by Tom Dean and Mac Eldridge from a script written by Dean. Toby Wallace (“Babyteeth,” FX’s “Pistol”) will star opposite Jones.

The film has been sold to Germany/Austria (Tobis), France (SND), Japan (Kinoshita), Australia/New Zealand (Roadshow), Spain (TriPictures), Scandinavia (SF Studios), Switzerland (Ascot Elite), Israel (Forum Film), South Africa (Empire), Latin America (Sun), Portugal (NOS), Greece (Odeon), Middle East (Front Row), Benelux (The Searchers), Baltics (ACME), and Eastern Europe (Unicorn).

“Charlie Harper” follows the journey of a young woman, Harper (Jones), and a young man, Charlie (Wallace), as they meet, leave their respective homes, and attempt to build a life together in a new city. But as the driven and ambitious Harper works to build a career as a chef, and the brilliant-yet-stuck Charlie struggles to get himself on track, their relationship faces challenges in ways that feel incredibly relatable, urgent, and alternatingly uplifting and poignant.

These two love each other deeply, and we’ll come to understand – through artful jumps in time and subtle changes in point-of-view – that they are made for one another in so many amazing ways. The film then asks, “Is that enough?”

“Charlie Harper” will be produced by Picture Perfect Federation’s Patrick Wachsberger and Ashley Stern, Little Ray Media’s Mallory Edens, and Temple Hill Entertainment’s Wyck Godfrey and Marty Bowen. Temple Hill Entertainment’s Laura Quicksilver will executive produce.

It reunites Wachsberger with Temple Hill Entertainment following their successful partnership on the global blockbuster franchise “Twilight.”

UTA is co-representing North American sales of the title.

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