Sundance Film Festival in Asia Relocates to Taiwan

The Sundance Film Festival Asia, an offshoot of the Sundance Institute, is to set up camp in Taipei, Taiwan this summer. The three-day mini festival will run Aug. 18-20 and be put together in association with local organizer G2Go Entertainment.

The event will showcase a handful of films curated by the Sundance Institute and host a short film competition that is open only to Taiwanese productions.

Panel discussions will accompany the festival to foster artistic exchange, providing opportunities for the Taiwan film industry to connect with Sundance’s executive team, and elevating Taiwan’s image and presence in the global independent film industry. 

The jury for the Taiwan short film competition, includes: Kim Yutani, director of programming, Sundance Film Festival, Heidi Zwicker, Sundance senior programmer and Mike Plante, Sundance’s senior programmer, for short films. The winning film will receive a NT$50,000 ($1,650) cash prize. 

“The Asia edition is a reflection of the Institute’s goals to further champion and promote visibility for independent artists and connect with the Asian community,” the Sundance Institute explained.
Previous editions in Asia were held in Hong Kong annually between 2016 and 2019, but a 2020 festival in Hong Kong was canceled.

In 2021, a virtual edition was hosted from Indonesia and gave prizes to luminaries including Garin Nugroho, Christine Hakim and Joko Anwar. The following year, an in-person edition took place in Jakarta, Indonesia, co-organized with XRM Media.

“We look forward to celebrating independent film in Taiwan and bringing visibility to local emerging storytellers through our short film contest, especially considering the rich history of Taiwanese Cinema,” said Joana Vicente, CEO of Sundance Institute.

“Taiwan’s dynamic local film and television industry has captivated an ever-growing international audience, witnessing remarkable success at prestigious global festivals and on global platforms. Taiwan is a filmmaker’s paradise – a culture that warmly embraces diversity and inclusivity, coupled with amazing local talent and unwavering support from the local government and industry stakeholders – positioning Taiwan as a natural host for Sundance Film Festival Asia. The highly anticipated annual Short Film Competition will help propel Taiwan’s independent filmmakers to new heights within the global community,” said Kevin Lin, co-founder of G2Go Entertainment.

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