France TV Distribution Bows Sales on Comedy ‘Christmas Carole’ at Cannes Market

France tv distribution has boarded “Christmas Carole” (“Noël au balcon”), a comedy starring Didier Bourdon (“ 2”) and Noemie Lvovsky (“Camille Rewinds”). The company has launched sales on the project at the Cannes market.

“Christmas Carole” is directed by Jeanne Gottesdiener, and produced by Belga Studios (“Waiting for Banjangles,” “Benedetta”) and Polaris Film Production (“Cease Fire,” “2 Days in New York”), in co-production with M6 Films.

Set around Christmas, the movie revolves around a small-town mayoress, Carole, who is helping the inhabitants of her municipality with the festivities while her devoted husband Alain organizes the Christmas Eve celebrations at home. The kids are arriving, soon all hopes of a peaceful Christmas melt away as the family traditions are called into question.

The cast also includes Jules Sagot (“Hashtag Boomer”), Christophe Montenez (“For my country”), Alice Daubelcour (“Love (and Trouble) in Paris”) and Janaïna Halloy-Fokan (“Inexorable”).

“Christmas Carole” is produced by Christophe Mazodier at Polaris Film Production, Patrick Vandenbosch and Jean-Jacques Neira at Belga Studios. M6 Films is co-producing.

The film is also backed by Canal+, Cine+, KMBO, Wallimage, Belga Films and BNP Paribas Fortis Film Fund.

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