Louis C.K. #MeToo Documentary Dropped by Showtime

The documentary capturing comedian Louis C.K.’s #MeToo scandal has been shelved at Showtime.

Director Caroline Suh (“Blackpink: Light Up the Sky”) was originally set to helm the documentary announced by Paramount Global exec David Nevins in August 2022. Nevins exited Paramount in October 2022.

Showtime confirmed to IndieWire that the documentary would not be moving forward but did not provide additional reasons as to why. Variety first reported the news.

“Louis C.K. is a slightly different situation [compared to Harvey Weinstein],” then-Showtime CEO Nevins said at the time. “[He is] a great, great comedian who has come back in his own way.”

Nevins added, “I don’t think the social change that #MeToo has brought about is resolved at all. There’s a bit of backlash against #MeToo, who has to go away and who’s allowed to come back.”

The documentary was set to chart C.K.’s exit from projects in 2017 following multiple allegations of sexual misconduct. Netflix, HBO, and FX (where C.K. had an overall deal) cut ties with the comedian following the allegations of the comedian exposing himself to women.

The New York Times reporters who broke the story that C.K. had been accused of masturbating in front of five women were set to participate in the film, produced by Amanda Branson-Gill (“Mrs. America”) and The New York Times.

C.K. issued a statement at the time of the accusations, saying, “These stories are true. When you have power over another person, asking them to look at your dick isn’t a question. It’s a predicament for them. The power I had over these women is that they admired me. And I wielded that power irresponsibly.”

The “Louie” creator won his third Grammy for a 2020 self-released comedy special “Sincerely, Louis C.K.” and debuted the film “Fourth of July” last summer. C.K. later went on a 24-city, sold-out nationwide tour in 2021.

C.K. accuser Julie Wolov spoke out on the comedian being seemingly immune to cancel culture, saying, “Nobody cares. That’s the message this sends. I don’t believe in cancel culture, but obviously, Louis is not canceled. He seems fine to me. He’s touring. He’s selling out. He’s winning Grammys….What is wrong with people? Wouldn’t it be nice if people would not be rewarded for bad behavior? But what are you supposed to do? These people voted for him. I guess that’s what happens when comedy and music come together.”

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