‘Fast and Furious’ Films Ranked

Hard to believe this whole thing got started by street racers hijacking truckloads of DVD players and TV/VCR combos.

When “The Fast and The Furious” zoomed into theaters in Summer 2001, it initially was greeted by many critics (including yours truly) as a flashily entertaining but instantly forgettable recycling of characters and conventions from decades-old B-movies about hot rods and cool cats. (Even its title was cribbed from a 1954 Roger Corman opus.) Who could have imagined it would spawn no fewer than nine sequels and a stand-alone spin-off? Or that the increasingly faster and more furious franchise would evolve into a series of sci-fi-influenced capers involving a blue collar “Mission: Impossible” team?

With the arrival this week of “Fast X,” purportedly the first film in a triptych that will conclude the decades-old saga, Variety updated the least-to-best ranking of all the “F&F” films. But be forewarned: Like the franchise itself, the new and improved list time-trips a bit. Well, actually, a lot.

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