Yellow Veil Pictures Buys Global Rights to ‘The Becomers,’ Prepares to Launch Global Sales in Cannes (EXCLUSIVE)

Yellow Veil Pictures has acquired worldwide rights to “The Becomers,” a genre-bending comedy written and directed by Zach Clark. The company will launch the film at the Marche Du Film in Cannes this week. “The Becomer” tells the story of a body-snatching alien who comes to Earth, reconnects with their partner, and tries to find their way in modern America.

“During the pandemic, I binged the original ‘Star Trek’ series for the first time and then I made this movie” Clark said about his latest film. “It felt like life as we knew it was ending, but then again, it also felt like that might not be the worst thing either. ‘The Becomers’ is a story of love, longing, and alienation. A kitsch-soaked, pathos-laden melodrama about our sad, sad planet. It’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever made and I can’t think of anyone better than Yellow Veil to get it out into the universe.”

Joe Yanick, co-founder of Yellow Veil Pictures added, “I’ve long admired Zach’s films and it’s especially fun to see him dive even further into the genre space with ‘The Becomers,’ which is something his films have always circled. ‘The Becomers’ is funny, weird, and at times gross, but what I like best is that it’s a very relatable movie about love; and I think that’s a place where some of the best genre films emerge from.”

Film is produced by Joe Swanberg (“Happy Christmas”) and Edwin Linker (“Saint Frances”) of Slasher Films. It stars Molly Plunk (“Little Sister”), Mike Lopez (“All Jacked Up and Full of Worms”) and Frank V. Ross (“Drinking Buddies”). Isabel Alamin and Keith Kelly round out an ensemble; the film also features the voice of Russell Mael of the pop-rock band Sparks. 

Best-known for directing “White Reindeer” and “Little Sister,” Clark is also an accomplished editor whose credits extend beyond his own films and include Sophia Takal’s “Always Shine,” Hannah Fidell’s “The Long Dumb Road” and Michael Tully’s “Don’t Leave Home.”

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