Warner Bros. Discovery Hit ‘The Extortion’ Boarded by Meikincine (EXCLUSIVE) 

Buenos Aires-based Meikincine has swooped on international sales rights to “The Extortion,” the biggest Argentine box office hit to date of 2023, in a deal with Warner Bros. Discovery Latin America. 

“The Extortion” is backed by a pedigreed combo of Particular Crowd, Oscar winner Juan José Campanella’s 100 Bars, “Argentina, 1985” producer Infinity Hill and producer-service company Cimarrón Cine.

Headlined by Guillermo Francella, memorable in Campanella’s Academy Award winning “The Secret in Their Eyes” and star of Pablo Trapero’s “The Clan,” “The Extortion” turns on Alejandro, a pilot with a secret. Blackmailed by sinister intelligence service agents, he is plunged into a world of intrigue and corruption from which he will battle to escape alive. 

Inspired by a true life Argentine crime story, “The Extortion” marks the second feature from Martino Zaidelis (“Re Loca”). Released April 6 in theaters in Argentina by Warner Bros., “The Extortion” scored 418,535 admissions last month, a figure only bettered by juggernaut “Super Mario Bros. Movie.” HBO Max will premiere “The Extortion” throughout Latin America on May 19.

“We’ve been overjoyed with how well the movie has performed in Argentina and how audiences have engaged with such positive feedback, and can’t wait to now bring it to audiences around the world,” said Particular Crowd’s Peter Bevan.

“The film is not only an outstanding and captivating story that does not let you get up from the chair and a high profile production but also counts with a dream cast lead by Guillermo Francella and Pablo Rago, both known for many films and TV series, including Oscar winner ‘The Secret in their Eyes,” added Julia Meik at Meikincine.

“‘The Extortion’ is a gripping thriller led by the amazing Guillermo Francella and inspired by a crime story that actually happened in Argentina. The movie-going audience reaction on its local theatrical run was simply terrific and that success will surely continue on HBO Max,” added Kuschevatzky. 

“The recipe is simple: You take a Hitchcock-style script, something compelling and unpredictable. You get yourself a director with a firm grip on the narrative and a rarely-seen pulse, a charismatic and exceptionally talented actor, and a world-class team,” said Campanella

“You cook all that for a few months, and you serve it to the audience. The outcome is one of the most unforgettable movie feasts of the decade. It can be served at home, but it is best enjoyed at the movie theater, its natural place.”

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