Global Screen Seals Deals for Sequel ‘Lassie – A New Adventure’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Global Screen has closed further presales for “Lassie — A New Adventure,” the sequel featuring the most famous dog in the history of cinema.

The film, directed by Hanno Olderdissen, has sold to A Contracorriente for Spain; ADS Service for Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Moldavia; Turkey’s Bir Film; GPI for the Baltic states; Bulgaria’s Pro Films; Karantanija for ex-Yugoslavia; and Greece’s Zinos Panagiotidis. Poland and Benelux are in negotiation.

Sales were previously concluded with Lucky Red (Italy), AB Svensk Filmindustri (Scandinavia) and Film House (Israel).

The prequel “Lassie Come Home,” which was also directed by Olderdissen, was sold to every territory around the world.

“Lassie — A New Adventure” tells a heartwarming story about the friendship between a boy and his dog. The family entertainment film will be released in German cinemas in July by Leonine, which also served as a co-producer on the film.

Inspired by Eric Knight’s 1940 children’s classic, this new adventure sees the Collie protagonist Lassie investigating the mysterious disappearance of several pedigree dogs with the help of best friend Flo (Marischka), and the new companions Henri, Kleo and little Pippa, a Jack Russell Terrier.

“Lassie — A New Adventure” is a production of LCH 2 Film in co-production with Leonine Studios, Henning Ferber Filmproduktion and LCH Film.

Global Screen will be showing “Lassie — A New Adventure” as a market premiere at the Marché in Cannes on Saturday.

Global Screen’s credits include animation hit movies “Ooops!,” “Luis and the Aliens” and “The Amazing Maurice,” as well as the recent Toronto festival entry “My Sailor, My Love.”

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