Film Constellation Launches Global Sales on CG Family Animation ‘The Growcodile’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Film Constellation is launching sales at Cannes on $10 million family CG animated movie “The Growcodile,” about a young girl and her pet crocodile, who embark on a wild adventure.

Bridget is a gifted young girl with a big secret: she has a pet crocodile, Gilbert, that she hides in her room. However, no matter how sweet, the little crocodile grows bigger and more difficult to care for. What to do when your parents don’t like pets, and your father, who owns a shoe store, loves crocodile leather? With the help of Grandma Nell, the duo set out on a wild adventure to find the perfect home for Gilbert.

“The Growcodile” is produced by Fantabulous, the newly founded French joint venture between distributor KMBO (“The Amazing Maurice”), and production outfit Fabrique d’Images (“Stitch Head,” “My Fairy Troublemaker”).

The film will be directed by Cartoon Saloon alumni Joost Van Den Bosch and Erik Verkerk, who have previously collaborated on a number of shorts and hit series such as “Skunk Fu.”

It is adapted by Luuk van Bemmelen from the bestselling children’s book “Crocodile Came Within!” from Dutch author Paul Van Loon.

The film is estimated for delivery in the fourth quarter of 2025. KMBO will release the film in French theaters.

It is produced by Mark Mertens and Vladimir Kokh for Fantabulous, Richard Claus and Chantal Nissen for Cool Beans.

Mertens and Kokh said: “ ‘Growcodile’ is a European feature animation with a fun and charming story that has wide appeal.”

Fabien Westerhoff at Film Constellation said: “ ‘The Growcodile’ is the big-hearted adventure for the entire family that cinemas are craving for.”

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