First Look Photos of Bella Thorne’s Directorial Debut ‘Paint Her Red’ Released (EXCLUSIVE)

The first look photos of Bella Thorne’s directorial debut “Paint Her Red” have been released.

The film, which will have its world premiere at the Taormina Film Festival, is based on an original screenplay she wrote, directed and stars in. The short features actor Juliet Sterner (“Saint Clare”) with narration by director-writer Oren Moverman, who was Oscar nominated for the original screenplay with “The Messenger.”

Thorne delivers “an unapologetic narrative, both painful and beautiful, exploring the journey of women,” according to a press statement. “With vulnerability and strength, [she] uses haunting visuals and an assembly of melancholic prose and poetry, allowing the audience a more intimate peek into a women’s pre-destined journey.”

“Paint Her Red”

Thorne will be curating one of the Taormina Film Festival’s gala evenings to take place in the historic location of Taormina’s ancient Greek theater, the Teatro Antico.

To compliment her short movie, Thorne will be inviting not only well-known artists, celebrities and influencers to screen their projects as directors, but will also feature talent she has recently discovered.

She will be “using her social media presence to bring awareness to fresh voices and talent which is fundamental to her.”

Thorne said: “We all connect through stories: watching art should be like looking in the mirror. I have been looking for shorts that speak to me about family dynamics, trauma in any form, stories about internalized hatred, and mother/daughter and father/son stories. I’m looking for stories that show balance: both the beautiful and ugly sides of life, and the light and the darkness we are surrounded by every day.”

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