Key Chilean Titles at This Year’s Cannes Market and Festival

The Eternal Memory

Chile, U.S.

DIRECTOR: Maite Alberdi

Alberdi’s follow-up to Oscar- nominated “The Mole Agent” snagged Sundance’s top doc award and a worldwide distribution deal with MTV at Sundance. Co-produced by Fabula, it centers on a loving elderly couple struggling with the man’s fading memory.

 The Cardinal (“El Cardenal”)

Chile, Argentina, Brazil

DIRECTOR: Benjamín Ávila

Drama in development with Argentina’s Magma Cine, Brazil’s Gullane and Storyboard Media turns on a cardinal who struggles to accept the reality of Augusto Pinochet’s vicious dictatorship in the early 1970s.


Chile, Colombia, France, Germany, Luxembourg

DIRECTOR: Cesar Augusto Acevedo

Chile’s Paulina Garcia stars in Colombian Acevedo’s follow-up to Cannes-winning “Land and Shade.” Film follows Basilio and his mother, who search for his father through a wartorn land of the dead.

The House (“La Casa”)

Chile, Germany 

DIRECTOR: Bettina Perut and Iván Osnovikoff

Docu executive produced by Maite Alberdi and Alexandra Galvis (“My Imaginary Country”) centers on Santiago as it’s hit by social protests and a pandemic-induced lockdown. As the outside world recedes, the interior of a condo reveals a multidimensional universe.


Chile, Germany

DIRECTOR: Tana Gilbert

Produced by Paola Castillo, forbidden cell phone videos taken by women prisoners reveal their experiences as mothers, offering a reflection on the meaning of motherhood behind bars.

Maybe It’s True What They Say About Us

Chile, Argentina, Mexico

DIRECTORS: Sofia Gomez and Camilo Becerra

Drama revolves around Ximena, whose daughter Tamara returns with news about a cult she’d joined. She helps Tamara evade justice, despite doubts. Cast is led by actress-helmer Aline Küppenheim (“1976”).

El Porvenir de la Mirada

Chile, France

DIRECTOR: Cristián Leighton

Associate-produced by Oscar- winner Sebastian Lelio, the Storyboard Media doc feature turns on the unspeakable injuries of young protesters who were shot in the eyes by police during massive protests that roiled Chile in October 2019.

The Settlers

Chile, Argentina, Netherlands

DIRECTOR: Felipe Galvez

Galvez’s long-awaited first feature, premiering in Cannes’ Un Certain Regard, is a  searing account of how Chile’s South was really won, set in 1901.


Chile, Mexico, Switzerland, Germany, U.K.

DIRECTOR: Christopher Murray

Co-produced by Mexico’s Pimienta Films, the Match Factory and Fabula, drama is set on mystical Chiloé island in the late 19th century, where an Indigenous girl seeks sorcerers to protect her father from a brutal foreman.

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