ABC News Studios Sets Summer True Crime Slate, Including Ashley Madison Docuseries (EXCLUSIVE)

ABC News Studios has announced its summer slate of true crime docuseries, including an exploration of the rise and fall of scandalous dating site Ashley Madison.

The four series — “The Ashley Madison Affair,” “Betrayal: The Perfect Husband,” “Mother Undercover” and “Demons and Saviors” — will premiere throughout July and August, with each featuring multiple parts.

Read more about ABC News Studios’ summer docuseries below.

“The Ashley Madison Affair”
Friday, July 7

The docuseries will explore the dating platform Ashley Madison and its marketing tactics to recruit members to partake in extramarital affairs. As the platform gained attention, a group of hackers known as The Impact Team hacked into the site and caused a catastrophic data breach. Jeremy Dear, Fred Hepburn, David Sloan and Beth Hoppe serve as executive producers.

Betrayal: The Perfect Husband
Tuesday, July 11

Based on the “Betrayal” podcast, the upcoming docuseries will chronicle how one woman discovered that her husband, high school teacher Spencer Herron, was conducting a series of sexual assaults and improprieties amongst his teenage students. Sloan, Hirsch and Nancy Glass all serve as executive producers, alongside senior producer Wendy Krantz and senior editorial producer Eileen Murphy.

Mother Undercover
Thursday, July 27

The four-part series follows four mothers who go to extreme lengths to save and protect their children from murder, international kidnapping, mass suicide and judicial corruption. The four episodes will reveal how each mother took matters into their own hands and organized covert operations. Sloan, Hoppe, Thomas Viner and Rachel Morgan all serve as executive producers.

Demons and Saviors
Thursday, Aug. 3

“Demons and Saviors” details the story of Christina Boyer, who was convicted of murdering her 3-year-old daughter after the public speculated she had telekinetic abilities. Despite her life sentence, Boyer, also known by the media as the “poltergeist girl,” still asserts her innocence to this day. “Demons and Saviors” follows a group of amateur detectives who believe Boyer is innocent and investigate the conspiracy behind her case. Sloan, Alex Waterfield, Tim Clancy, Jackie Jesko, Muriel Pearson and Nick Capote all serve as executive producers.

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