Shia LaBeouf Is Writing a Movie About Auschwitz, Says Abel Ferrara

Shia LaBeouf is deepening his knowledge of World War II.

After starring as Padre Pio in Abel Ferrara’s biopic about the Italian monk who rose to fame in Catholicism during the two world wars, LaBeouf is said to be writing a script set in the Holocaust concentration camp Auschwitz, according to the filmmaker.

“Padre Pio” director Ferrara told The Film Stage that he is working on the film alongside LaBeouf.

“He’s doing real good, man. He’s doing real good. He went off and he did a Coppola movie,” Ferrara said, citing LaBeouf’s role in “Megalopolis.”

He continued, “So that was, there was one of those films, right? I mean, ‘Padre Pio’ was 15 days or 20 days and he was in for four so he wasn’t there a long time. But anyway, it was good and he’s working. And we’re working on a film together, he’s writing something about Auschwitz that we’re thinking about doing.”

“Padre Pio” was LaBeouf’s first leading role following 2020 abuse allegations by ex-girlfriend FKA Twigs, who sued LaBeouf for sexual battery and emotional distress. LaBeouf was attached to “Don’t Worry Darling” before parting ways with the production.

LaBeouf made his feature screenwriting debut with the autobiographical film “Honey Boy,” directed by Alma Har’el, which charted his relationship with an abusive father. The actor later called the script “fucking nonsense” that was not rooted in reality.

“My dad was so loving to me my whole life. Fractured, sure. Crooked, sure. Wonky, for sure. But never was not loving, never was not there,” LaBeouf said in 2022. “He was always there… and I’d done a world press tour about how fucked he was as a man. Here’s a man who I’ve done vilified on a grand scale. I turned the knob up on certain shit that wasn’t real. My dad never hit me, never. He spanked me once, one time. And the story that gets painted in ‘Honey Boy’ is this dude is abusing his kid all the time. My dad was going to live with this certain narrative about him on a public scale for a very long time, probably the rest of his life. I wronged him.”

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