Superights Signs Global Rights to Hit Series ‘Tara Duncan’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Superights has boarded as global distributor the fantasy kids series “Tara Duncan,” an animated show for 6-9s. 

Written by Sophie Audouin-Mamikonian, the French book saga which the series adapts currently runs at 15 volumes, and is published in 27 countries. It has been translated into 19 languages and has sold tens of millions copies worldwide. 

Audouin-Mamikonian is also the CEO of Princess Sam Pictures, which has produced the show. Superights will represent worldwide rights distribution of “Tara Duncan,” excepting mainland China.

Directed by Dan Creteur, the 52 episode “Tara Duncan” follows Tara, an ordinary girl from Earth, as she travels to OtherWorld, a magical planet, where she learns how to control her awakening powers and help her family protect the luxuriant Meme empire, which she is destined to one day rule. 

Here, she goes to school with a dragon and hangs out with the Magic Gang. 

Mixing innovative 3D CGI and motion capture technique, and boasting an anime edge, the show promotes girl empowerment, diversity, bravery and teamwork as along with her friends, Tara goes on adventures, which include games of celestial polo, mysteries to be solved and people to be rescued, all the while contending with her enemy – the evil Magister – who wants to steal Tara’s magic powers and conquer OtherWorld. Tara is also on a personal quest to find a cure to save her grandfather, who has turned himself into a dog by mistake. 

Deputy general manager at Superights, Nathalie Pinguet said in a statement: “Superights is venturing into a new genre with Tara Duncan, a strong and powerful character who adds a new dimension to our line-up. 

She added: “We couldn’t be happier and more honored to welcome Tara, an icon of empowerment, among all of our heroes. This adventure-fantasy series is already a hit in many countries, and I am sure we will find Tara new homes very shortly.” 

Season 1 has already been sold to a slew of countries including France (Disney, Gulli), Belgium (Disney, RTBF), Finland (Nelonen), Italy (DEA Kids, Sky, Rai), Ireland (RTE), Latvia (LTV), Lithuania (LRT), Netherlands (Disney), Norway (NRK), Portugal (SIC K), Switzerland (RTS), and the U:K: (ITVX). Hong-Kong (VIU), Indonesia (RTV), Japan (Disney), New Zealand (TVNZ), Singapore (Mediacorp), Middle East (MBC), Israel (NOGA), Africa (Disney, Gulli), Canada (TéléQuébec). It has already been broadcast in some territories.

“We are very happy to have an experienced partner such as Superights to help our young company, Princess Sam Entertainment Group and its two subsidiaries, Princess Sam Pictures and Princess Sam Consumer Products, to continue to bring ‘Tara Duncan’ to the world,” Audouin-Mamikonian said.

“‘Tara Duncan’ is quite unique and we needed the skills and expertise of an executive like Nathalie to understand our needs. Now, as our super villain Magister says: ‘Let’s conquer the world together!’”

A second season with 52 new episodes is currently in production, with a plan to produce a further pair of 26 minute special episodes. The property will be supported by a strong licensing and merchandising strategy to create a fully-integrated brand identity and a digital ecosystem is also being developed to satisfy Tara’s fan community, the so-called “Taraddicts.”

A division of the Superprod Group, Superights is a major international distribution rights company, with its main focus on children and family entertainment. 

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