‘Glamorous’ Trailer: Kim Cattrall Gets Her ‘Devil Wears Prada’ Moment in Netflix Queer Comedy Series

Netflix’s upcoming series “Glamorous” is like “The Devil Wears Prada” if Meryl Streep were replaced by “Sex and the City’s” Kim Cattrall and instead of Anne Hathaway, she hired drag queens and non-binary actor Miss Benny to work for her. The 10-episode LGBTQ comedy series premieres June 22 on the streamer.

“Glamorous” follows baby-faced new hire Marco Mejia (Miss Benny), a young, queer man who lands a job for the legendary CEO Madolyn Addison (Cattrall). Madolyn’s makeup line, Glamorous Cosmetics, is plummeting. Suspecting her business is being sabotaged by someone on the inside, she hires Marco to sleuth around.

“She wants him to be her eyes and ears, to make friends — and find out what’s going on behind her back, to discover what they’re hiding and what they’re stealing. In exchange, she’ll teach Marco everything she knows – but she warns him, ‘This business isn’t all glitter and glamour, and neither is life,’” reads the show’s official synopsis.

The job is challenging, with co-workers constantly at each other’s throats, but it gives Marco the chance to find out who he really is and what it means to be queer.

Miss Benny has previously appeared in “Fuller House,” “Dreamcatcher” and “Doxxed.” Their rise to fame came from their Youtube Channel, KidPOV, which launched back in 2010.

Cattrall recently starred in Laura Terruso’s comedy film “About My Father” alongside Robert De Niro and Sebastian Maniscalco. It was recently revealed that she will make a cameo appearance in “And Just Like That” Season 2, which premieres June 22 on Max.

“Glamorous” also stars Zane Phillips, Jade Payton, Michael Hsu Rosen, Ayesha Harris and Graham Parkhurst. Guest stars include Priyanka, Serena Tea, Adrin Bundoc, Brock Ciarlelli, Charlene Incarnate, Chiquitita, Diana Maria Riva, Joel Kim Booster, Lisa Gilroy, Mark Deklin, Matt Rogers, Monét X Change, Nicole Power and Ricardo Chavira.

The series was created by Jordon Nardino. It was executive produced by Nardino, Damon Wayans Jr. and Kameron Tarlow. CBS Studios produced the series for Netflix.

Watch the trailer below.

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