Louis C.K. Documentary Dropped by Showtime (EXCLUSIVE)

Showtime is not moving forward with Caroline Suh’s documentary on disgraced comedian Louis C.K., Variety has learned.

The feature-length doc was announced by Paramount Global exec David Nevins at the Edinburgh TV Festival in Scotland last summer. Nevins stepped down in October following internal restructuring.

Suh, who previously directed Netflix documentary “Blackpink: Light Up the Sky,” about K-Pop superstars Blackpink, was set to helm the project about C.K., which was billed as examining the comedian and his downfall as well as the wider #MeToo movement over the past six years.

At the time the project was unveiled, Nevins said the New York Times reporters who broke the story of C.K.’s sexual misconduct were involved in the doc.

“I don’t think the social change that #MetToo has brought about is resolved at all,” Nevins said last summer. “There’s a bit of backlash against #MeToo, who has to go away and who’s allowed to come back.”

“Louis C.K. is a slightly different situation [to Harvey Weinstein] and a great, great comedian who has come back in his own way.”

In 2017 the New York Times published a report in which five women said they were victims of C.K.’s sexual misconduct. The industry was quick to react, with companies including Netflix and FX dropping him from a number of projects immediately. The comedian has since performed the occasional stand up gig and last year released his first feature since the scandal broke, titled “Fourth of July.”

It is unclear whether Suh’s documentary, which Amanda Branson-Gill was reportedly attached to produce, will land somewhere else.

Reps for Suh and Branson-Gill did not respond to Variety‘s queries by press time.

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