Amanda Seyfried Reacts to Elizabeth Holmes’ 11-Year Prison Sentence: ‘It’s Fair for Her’

Elizabeth Holmes began her 11-year prison sentence on Tuesday, concluding the ex-Theranos founder’s hurtling downfall from leading a heralded blood testing startup to facing multiple charges of fraud. Coincidentally, Amanda Seyfried, who won an Emmy for her portrayal of Holmes in the Hulu limited series “The Dropout,” appeared on “Good Morning America” within hours of Holmes’ arrival, in this instance to promote her new Apple TV+ limited series “The Crowded Room.” In her appearance, Seyfried offered a response to Holmes’ incarceration.

“I feel for those kids. Those two kids. They’re hanging in the balance here. As a parent, I’m just like… As a mom, I’m just like — I don’t know,” Seyfried says, trailing off. “Life’s not fair. But in a lot of ways, it’s fair for her, in particular.”

Seyfried’s comments come following an interview with Holmes published in the New York Times earlier in May, which featured the disgraced CEO’s thoughts on Seyfried’s portrayal of her on “The Dropout.”

“They’re not playing me,” Holmes said, also remarking on a now-scrapped project that was set to star Jennifer Lawrence as Holmes. “They’re playing a character I created.”

Holmes founded Theranos at age 19, promising a revolutionary medical device that could diagnose illnesses with just a finger prick blood sample. After becoming a tech leader and a self-made billionaire, Theranos came under scrutiny as questions emerged about the technology’s viability.

Holmes was sentenced on four counts of fraud in November 2022. The prosecution alleged that Holmes raised millions of dollars from investors while misleading them about her technology’s capabilities. Holmes reported to FPC Bryan, a minimum-security prison camp in Texas.

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