‘Succession’ Composer Nicholas Britell on the Season 4 Soundtrack: ‘This Score Represents the Culmination of My Musical Vision’

Twists and turns, double-dealing and death are just some of the themes at the heart of HBO’s fourth and final season of “Succession.” With that, composer Nicholas Britell has released a 25-piece original soundtrack that accompanied the season, which will drop at midnight after Sunday’s series finale.

Among the cues are: “Phone Call,” the music piece that plays in the shocking third episode “Connor’s Wedding” as the Roy children, Kendall (Jeremy Strong,) Shiv (Sarah Snook) and Roman (Kieran Culkin) learn that family patriarch Logan Roy (Brian Cox) has died aboard the Waystar Royco plane, where Logan was flying with his executive team to Sweden.

Britell says, “The score for Season 4 represents the culmination of my musical vision for ‘Succession.’ With its depths of pathos and its simultaneous capacity for comic absurdity, ‘Succession’ has presented me with a truly extraordinary story to underscore.” He adds, “The 25 pieces on this album are a final summary of my music and of the sound I’ve created for the show.”

Elsewhere, Britell incorporates choir. Heard in the music piece, “With Open Eyes.” The cue closes out the 90-minute finale.

The album launch also marks the launch of Britell’s new label, Lake George Music Group. “It has long been a dream of mine to release music through my own label, and I’m tremendously excited to have the final season of ‘Succession’ as our label’s first release.”

Listen to the soundtrack here.


  1. Succession (Main Title Theme) – Orchestral Intro Version
  2. Langsam – “We Gave It a Go”
  3. End Credits – Vivace Appassionato in G Minor
  4. Lento Nobile + Lento Pizzicato
  5. Allegro Bellicoso – “Pirates”
  6. Lamentoso – “Needy Love Sponges”
  7. Minuet in C Minor – English Horn – “I Need You”
  8. Phone Call
  9. Piano Solo + Elegy for Orchestra – “Logan’s Return”
  10. Lamentoso – Clarinets, Piano, Pizzicato Strings
  11. End Credits – “Action That”
  12. Pianos + 808 + Beat – “Welcome Home”
  13. Marcato e con Forza
  14. A Piacere di Nuovo
  15. Interlude – Ricercare – “On the Lot”
  16. Minuet in C Minor – Strings and Viola Solo
  17. Andante Espressivo – String Orchestra – “Number One Boy”
  18. “My Dear, Dear, World of a Father”
  19. Molto Grave – Recessional
  20. Elegy – Strings
  21. Lamentoso – Piano, Oboes, Strings
  22. Allegro in F Minor – Arrival at Waystar
  23. It’s Done
  24. Succession – Andante Risoluto
  25. End Credits – Choir and Orchestra – “With Open Eyes”

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