‘Succession’ Finale: What Will Happen? Betting Site Says Waystar Royco Sale Is Odds-Favorite Outcome

The four-season run of “Succession,” HBO’s highbrow family corporate drama, is coming to its conclusion — with the show giving viewers no clear tea leaves on what the future holds for Waystar Royco or the media conglomerate’s internecine clan.

Will one of the Roy progeny ultimately take the throne as the new CEO, fulfilling the prophecy implicit in the show’s title? Or will Waystar Royco wind up in the clutches of GoJo? Ahead of the series finale’s airing on Sunday, May 28 (on HBO and the newly relaunched Max), wagering site DraftKings drew up hypothetical odds for the likeliest outcomes.

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According to DraftKings’ predictions, compiled by director of race and sportsbook operations Johnny Avello, the most likely scenario (at 2-1 odds) is that Waystar Royco will be sold to GoJo, the Norwegian internet conglomerate led by shifty CEO Lukas Matsson (Alexander Skarsgård).

Should the company avoid that fate, the family member with the best odds to be named CEO is Shiv Roy (Sarah Snook) at 5-2, per DraftKings. She’s followed by siblings Kendall (Jeremy Strong) and Roman (Kieran Culkin). Meanwhile, fan-favorite Cousin Greg (Nicholas Braun) is considered a longshot — at 50-1 odds.

The possibility of Kendall engineering a “reverse Viking” maneuver — in which Waystar Royco actually acquires GoJo — was not listed as a potential outcome by DraftKings.

Here’s the full list of hypothetical odds from DraftKings:

Outcome Odds
Waystar Royco sold 2-1
Shiv named CEO 5-2
Kendall named CEO 3-1
Roman named CEO 8-1
Connor named CEO 14-1
Tom Wambsgans named CEO 20-1
Marcia (Logan’s third wife) named CEO 30-1
Greg Hirsch named CEO 50-1
Logan’s first wife named CEO 100-1

In a bid to draft engagement off the show’s final episode, DraftKings has launched a “Succession”-themed free-to-play pool for fans to predict the finale’s events (at this link, registration required).

Watch HBO’s teaser for the series finale of “Succession,” which obviously doesn’t reveal the show’s denouement:

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