‘Money Heist’ Star Alvaro Morte, Sony Pictures Television Unveil Talent Deal for English-Language Series Production (EXCLUSIVE)

Álvaro Morte, immortalized by his performance as the Professor in “Money Heist,” has inked a multi-year producing deal with Sony Pictures Television through his Madrid-based production company 300 Pistolas, which he founded alongside Blanca Clemente.

The accord sees 300 Pistolas, a theater company, making the transition into producing scripted TV, with Morte developing English-language scripted series exclusively with SPT, which he and Clemente will serve on as producers via 300 Pistolas. 

Morte and Clemente will have access to SPT’s development teams. SPT will serve as exclusive production and distribution partner to any projects produced under the deal, SPT confirmed Wednesday.

Before “Money Heist,” Morte was best known for his role over 2014-17 in Spanish daily TV series  “The Secret of Puente Viejo,” and was respected for 300 Pistolas, where he directed free versions of Spanish classics. 

Acclaimed for his performance in “Money Heist,” the series brought Morte worldwide fame which has allowed him to immerse himself in international series. 

Via a secondary role in psychological thriller “The Head,” Morte proved his acting chops in English; a supporting role in “The Wheel of Time,” co-produced by SPT for Amazon’s Prime Video, gave him a taste of high-end high-fantasy TV; Morte’s performance as Sebastián Elcano in Simon West’s RTVE/ZDF Studios’ “Boundless,” though shot in Spanish, was an introduction to a high-end Euro public broadcaster epic historical entertainment. He has recently starred opposite Sydney Sweeney in Black Bear Pictures’ upcoming film “Immaculate,”

“We are thrilled to announce this deal, which we see as the start of a fruitful and ongoing collaboration. Alvaro’s profile has grown exponentially in recent years through starring in global hits like ‘Money Heist’ and ‘Wheel Of Time,” said Brendan Fitzgerald, SVP, international co-productions, Sony Pictures Television.

Fitzgerald added: “He has gained worldwide recognition as an actor largely in Spanish-language productions. This deal will establish him as a producer in English-language shows. We are excited that he sees Sony Pictures as the perfect partner for the next stage of his journey.” 

Said Morte: “Some time ago with 300 Pistolas, our theater company, Blanca Clemente and I wanted to make the leap to the world of production and development of audiovisual fiction. And what better than to do it with someone like Sony Pictures Television.”

He went on: “The consistency, confidence and comfort that this alliance gives us fills us with enthusiasm to face all the creative processes that are to come. From the beginning, the flow of ideas, the alignment in the objectives and the joint work with Brendan and his team have been not only rewarding, but very enjoyable. It hits us on the nose that we’re going to have a great time!”

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