Polish Erotic Cinema Season Set at Classic Cult Film Streamer Cultpix (EXCLUSIVE)

Classic cult film streamer Cultpix has struck a deal with Polish cultural institution WFDiF – Documentary and Feature Film Studios (Wytwórnia Filmów Dokumentalnych i Fabularnych) for a season of Polish erotic cinema classics from the 1980s and early 1990s.

Titles featured in the season include Krzysztof Nowak’s “What Do the Tigers Like: (1989); Andrzej Barański’s “Bachelor Life in a Foreign Country” (1992); Roman Załuski’s “Och Carol” (1985); Ryszard Ber’s “Thais” (1983); Marek Koterski’s “Porn” (1990); and Jacek Bromski’s The Art of Loving (1989).

The deal was revealed at the ongoing Cannes film market, where Cultpix expanded deals with previously signed film libraries – Germany’s The Playmaker Munich, as well as Echelon Studios and Vinegar Syndrome from the U.S. – for over 250 titles to be released later in 2023 and in early 2024.

Cultpix celebrated its second anniversary in April and has added over 1,000 titles since launch. In addition to the WFDiF deal, the streamer had prior partnerships in place with the British Film Institute, the Danish Film Institute, Ukraine’s Dovzhenko Centre, the Czech Republic’s National Film Archive, the Hungarian National Film Archive and the Swedish Film Institute.

Earlier this year, Cultpix signed deals with Deaf Crocodile (U.S.), Rapid Eye Movies (Germany), Le chat qui fume (France) and Kadokawa Daiei (Japan). In all, the streamer has agreements with 45 content libraries and partners, adding five to 10 titles every week to the platform.

Cultpix CEO and co-founder Rickard Gramfors said: “We are thrilled to add these erotic comedies and dramas from Poland which give a more nuanced view of life in former Eastern Bloc countries before and after 1989. In addition to these, Cultpix will also have a season of Hungarian ‘Easterns’ (socialist-era Westerns) this summer. The expanded deals with numerous existing partners also shows the industry’s faith in the viability of niche streaming platforms with a unique focus.”

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