How ‘Andor’ Built Backwards and Made ‘Star Wars’ Better

Curated by the IndieWire Crafts team, Craft Considerations is a platform for filmmakers to talk about recent work we believe is worthy of awards consideration. In partnership with Disney, for this edition, we look at how costume design and acting reverse-engineered a thrillingly fresh story from what we already knew about “Andor.”

The most iconic shot of the original “Star Wars” is that of a young man gazing into the (binary) sunset, yearning for more out of life. But the galaxy is a big, big place. The first of the many things creator Tony Gilroy does to expand it with “Andor,” the prequel series for one of the core characters in “Rogue One,” was to turn his camera to a young man gazing into the fearful symmetry of the Empire, yearning for family, safety, and a home. Instead, he finds the Rebel Alliance. 

“From the beginning, there was something about the character that was very interesting for me to play, which is this idea of him coming from somewhere else,” actor Diego Luna, who plays the titular Cassian Andor, told IndieWire. “He is someone who has been forced to migrate, who’s a refugee. He’s had to start his life from scratch, and probably not just once. And now with ‘Andor,’ Tony took that to the next level.” 

In the videos below, Luna and costume designer Michael Wilkinson discuss how they utilized the tangible details of Gilroy’s vision for the Empire in order to trace Cassian’s transformation from a small-time smuggler into a nascent Rebel spy; and, through his story, tell a larger one of how oppression creates a flood of opposition that will, one day, drown out tyranny.

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