The Best Moments of ‘P-Valley’ Season 2

There’s no show quite like “P-Valley.” Starz’s Mississippi-set crime drama may have flown under the awards radar after its first season, but its blend of film noir tension and soap opera theatrics — all set in the world of a small-town strip club called “The Pynk” — is more than deserving of its flowers.

Series creator Katori Hall developed the show for television based on her less shyly-named play “Pussy Valley.” But that’s a tidbit easy to forget when watching. This is a story that feels skillfully designed for the medium of television, where the eclectic cast of characters have room to grow and bounce off one another across arcs and seasons. “P-Valley” isn’t recognized enough for having one of the most colorful and talented ensembles on television: a team which includes Nicco Annan as the non-binary club owner Uncle Clifford; Brandee Evans as veteran dancer Mercedes; Elarica Johnson as the enigmatic Hailee; Shannon Thornton as perky influencer Keyshawn; and J. Alphonse Nicholson as aspiring rapper and Clifford’s love interest Lil Murda.

Beyond the smartly stacked cast, the show is also one of the most visually-engaging experiences in 2023 television, with neon-drenched cinematography, rap-heavy needle-drops, and gorgeously filmed and choreographed pole dance numbers that emphasizes the beauty, athleticism, and sometimes pain behind the stripping.

Season 2 of “P-Valley,” which aired last summer, successfully deepened the beloved cast of characters, while fearlessly tackling hot-button issues. Beginning in the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic, the show confronts the economic reality businesses like The Pynk suffered during lockdown. The shadow of the pandemic hangs over the entire season, even as the cast expands with new faces and the characters get into messy criminal enterprises. The result is a marked improvement on the show’s already stellar first installment, and a season of TV filled with jaw-dropping, memorable moments.

“P-Valley” will be one of several shows coming to IndieWire’s annual Consider This event this Saturday, June 3 at NeueHouse Hollywood (ahead of the Emmys on September 18). In attendance for a panel on the show are Annan, Evans, and Nicholson, along with the series’ choreographer Jamaica Craft and music supervisor Sarah Bromberg. The five-some will chat about the events of Season 2, how they brought the show’s most acrobatic pole dance scenes to life, and what’s to come in the drama’s announced third season.

Read on for a look back at the 10 best moments of “P-Valley” Season 2, listed chronologically.

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