Jeremy Strong Was in Character Looking for the Bathroom, According to Bowen Yang

Jeremy Strong stays in character all the way to the bathroom.

The “Succession” actor allegedly was so invested in a line asking for directions to the toilet that he used his questionable Method acting techniques on another set.

“Awkwafina Is Nora From Queens” star Bowen Yang revealed during his podcast “Las Culturistas” that Strong visited the production office to ask where the restroom was. A “Succession” PA later clarified that Strong was practicing for a scene.

“The most recent season of ‘Nora From Queens’ shot at the same studio as this season of ‘Succession,’” Yang said. “The ‘Nora From Queens’ production office was pretty close to the ‘Succession’ stages and their production office, and as we famously know, Jeremy Strong is a Method actor. At one point, Jeremy walks into the ‘Nora From Queens’ production office and says, ‘Excuse me, do you know where the bathroom is?’ and then someone in the office is like, ‘Yeah, it’s just down the hall to the left.’ He goes, ‘Thank you so much’ and he leaves.”

The “Saturday Night Live” breakout star continued, “So Jeremy leaves. Ten minutes pass, and a [production assistant] from ‘Succession’ comes into the office and goes, ‘Hi, was Jeremy just in here?’ and they were like, ‘Yeah he was — he went to the bathroom’ and then this PA goes, ‘Did he ask where it was? Did he come here to ask you where the bathroom was?’ They were like, ‘Yeah, why?’ and the PA says, ‘He has a scene today where he has to ask someone where the bathroom is.’”

Yang added, “I think that is Method to such a ridiculous degree that he must be in on the joke,” citing that there is “the idea that Jeremy Strong has a sense of play and irony.”

Strong’s “Succession” co-star Brian Cox infamously advised Strong to relax on the Method acting practices, telling Town & Country earlier this year, “Strong is talented. He’s fucking gifted. When you’ve got the gift, celebrate the gift. Go back to your trailer and have a hit of marijuana, you know?”

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